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Boy Saves Friend From Choking

Adorable Fifth Grader Knew How to Save a Friend Who Was Choking, Thanks to a Documentary

It's not every day that watching a movie can save a life, but for one heroic fifth grader, that's exactly what happened. Benjamin Ford, a student at Greenwood Elementary in Glen Allen, Virginia, knew exactly what to do to save a choking classmate, all thanks to watching a documentary with his mom a few years ago.

The soft-spoken young man didn't let nerves stop him from acting quickly when his friend was choking at lunch time. "I wasn't really calm, my heart was really racing, and I just knew I had to help her," Ford told CBS news. "I felt like I had to hurry up and get to her. I wasn't really thinking, I was just going over there to help her. I thought in a couple more seconds she might not make it."

Racing to her aid, he applied maneuvers he learned from watching the documentary. For his efforts, he was rewarded by a hug from his grateful friend and a cheering crowd. "I got a lot of claps, I had a lot of fist bumps; they were really supportive when I walked down the hall," Ford confirmed.


His parents were equally proud, rewarding his valiant efforts with a new video game and a trip to see Black Panther. His school and administration shared his story with the whole school. Thanks to some quick thinking, Benjamin Ford sure is a hero.

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