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Breast Milk Testing Positive For Explosives

What Happened After 1 Flying Mom's Breast Milk Tested Positive For Explosives

"TERRIBLE TSA I was flying with my 3-month-old. First time flying with a baby, and it was just her and I. Did my...

Posted by Breastfeeding Mama Talk on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Before a recent flight to Los Angeles, one mom wasn't just preparing for her 3-month-old's first flight, she was also getting ready to make the journey solo. In order to help with this nerve-racking endeavor, the unnamed mom did her research and tried to cover all of her bases by bringing frozen breast milk as well as pumping four ounces before going through security.

She explained that Amelia can be picky with breastfeeding, so she wanted to have options during the flight. According to the mom, going through security took longer than expected because of issues with passengers before them, so Amelia was getting hungry and fussy by the time it was their turn to be screened. "Once I got through the metal detector and started collecting my things, I was directed to another area where TSA needed to inspect something inside my bag," she shared on Breastfeeding Mama Talk's Facebook page. "I figured it was the frozen breast milk. That cleared right away, but they were having problems with my four-ounce bottle of fresh milk."

At this point, she explained, Amelia was "really starting to lose it," so she asked the TSA agents if she could just stand there and feed her the bottle. "Nope," she wrote. "They put it in a machine and it somehow tested positive for explosives."

Additional TSA agents were called over and even though Amelia was "making all of the motions of desperately needing to feed," they made her put the upset child in the stroller while they called a woman over to give her a "detailed" pat-down. "[Amelia] lost it. She just started screaming and screaming," she wrote. "I started crying because I couldn't do anything, looking down at her while the TSA agent took her sweet time with a very detailed pat down."

When she finished, the mom was allowed to hold Amelia but couldn't leave until they tested the gloves. "Finally, they came back with a negative result. I was forced to dump the bottle of breast milk," she wrote. "I grabbed my stuff and walked over to the nearest place to sit, Amelia screaming the whole time."

Finally able to feed her, the mom immediately sat to try to soothe her baby but another TSA agent quickly approached. "[He] came up to me and asked if he could find me a cover while I breastfed. No thanks, I told him," she wrote. "He tried to argue, but I said she doesn't like having her head covered while feeding. Besides, she's almost done."

After hesitating, the employee finally gave up. "We caught our plane to LAX, where I found a wonderful nursing room to feed her the next meal. I've read so many stories of other women having issues, and really never thought I'd end up having such a hard time myself," she wrote. "Thank you, TSA for an experience I'll never forget!"

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