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Budweiser Stepfather Adoption Father's Day Ad 2019

3 Adults Who Grew Up With Stepfathers Give Adoption Papers as Father’s Day Gifts, and I’m Sobbing

Grab the tissues, because Budweiser has once again delivered us a touching AF ad; this time, it's in honor of Father's Day and highlighting three adults who grew up with stepfathers who were always there for them. The emotional ad features Victor and his stepdad of 19 years, Mark; Chloe and her stepdad of 16 years, Randy; and Shealyn and her stepdad of 28 years, Paul. Each grown child takes the time to chat about the ups and downs of growing up with a stepdad, but ultimately, all circle back to how wonderful it was to have a man in their lives who cared about them even though they weren't their biological child. And even though the biology of it can't change, Mark, Randy, and Paul are about to legally become fathers to the kids they've been "Dad" to all along through adoption. Watch the entire sob-worthy ad above.

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