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Bunny Hutch House Kit at Costco

Someone's on a Mission to Make Easter as Big as Christmas, Because Now We're Making Easter-Bread Houses

We love holiday spirit. Whether it's for Valentine's Day or Christmas, we're all for people who go all-out, from decorating their homes to buying funny costumes and outfits to celebrating the joys of the holiday with family by creating tradition. The latest trend we're seeing, though, is to make Easter as big as Christmas from a commercial perspective, and our ears are listening.

If you think we're being silly, let us remind you that Peeps recently came out with Peep on a Perch, a cuddly, chick-shaped little stuffed animal that will keep an eye on your kids just as Elf on the Shelf does. And today, someone posted on Instagram that Costco is selling a Bunny House Kit, which is an Easter version of a gingerbread house.

Christmas spirit came early is certainly one way to look at it!

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