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Campbell's Star Wars Commercial With Two Dads

This Campbell's Star Wars Commercial Featuring 2 Dads Totally Nails It

Star Wars is definitely one of those fandoms that brings people of all ages together, and this Campbell's soup commercial highlights that fact in the cutest way.

In the commercial, a dad is feeding his son when he turns on his classic heavy-breathed Darth Vader accent to announce, "Cooper, I am your father!" Then, from outside the frame of the video, you hear another voice say, "No, no, no, I am your father," and Cooper's other dad moves into the frame, while the first father just gives him a look and says, "That's gotta be the worst Vader, ever."

These dads may have to be a little more convincing if they want Cooper to be a Star Wars fan, as he seems way more excited to get the food in his mouth than at his parent's silly accents, but we think their role play is pretty darn cute.

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