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Cashier Lets Girl With Special Needs Bag Groceries

This Cashier Let 1 Little Girl With Special Needs Bag Groceries, and Her Day Was TOTALLY Made

Posted by Lisa Teach on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Lisa and Joshua Teach — parents to a daughter with special needs named Lilly — have always told her she can be anything she wants to be. And thanks to a kind supermarket cashier named Isaac Witte, she got a little closer to achieving her dream. In a sweet Facebook post, Lisa shared how Isaac asked Lilly if she wanted to help bag groceries, and yep, the kind gesture meant the world.

"Yesterday afternoon, we had a most memorable experience at the grocery store of all places," Lisa wrote on Facebook. "We would like to recognize a Giant Food Stores employee named Isaac who made our day, just by taking his time with us. He was so present in the moment, so kind and understanding."

And for Lilly, who has always been fascinated by the bagging process, it was a highlight. "She likes watching how everything fits into the grocery bags, kind of like the game Tetris," explained Lisa. "I believe [it's] sort of therapeutic for her in a way. She has many dreams, one of them is to work at a grocery store and bag people's groceries. She also wants to be a doctor and a teacher."

As you can imagine, the simple act of kindness really hit home with Lisa and Joshua. "Many people have shown our family kindness, throughout our lives, especially when we've gone through tough times," Joshua told POPSUGAR. "Everyone goes through tough times and difficult situations, and when you respond to someone with kindness it lifts them up, it makes them feel more human, like more of a person."

As for Lilly's take? Obviously, she couldn't have been happier.

"Lilly was thrilled and so happy to have this opportunity," said Lisa. "I don't know how Isaac knew how meaningful this would be to her, but somehow, he did. He took his time with her and let her bag each item. She independently bagged all our groceries and told Isaac, 'I love you.' She doesn't say this to everyone, but in the moment, I believe this was her way of saying, 'Thank you for seeing me and for letting me help, I love you.'"

After going back to Giant to give Isaac a thank you card, Lilly was told she has a job waiting for her when she turns 16, which is music to Lisa's ears. "[As a special needs parent], I think its important to plan for the future and also take life one day at a time, one week at a time," she said.

Lilly and Isaac Daniel Witte share a heartfelt hug. We went back to GIANT Food Stores to tell Isaac thank you for his...

Posted by Lisa Teach on Monday, March 4, 2019
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