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Chicco Post-Maternity-Leave Life Performance Review Video

Every Parent Needs to Hear the Things People Said to This New Mom Returning to Work

"If life gave you a performance review, how would you do?"

Jessica O'Dowd, new mom to 10-month-old Lyric, was given a performance review after her return to work following maternity leave, and the results are something all parents need to hear. Although O'Dowd went into this review seeming apprehensive about her performance now that she has to split her time between work and being a mother — something many moms struggle with after becoming a parent — her co-workers and family members reassured her through video messages that she is achieving so much in all of her roles.

"Now you're back, I have no idea how you're achieving so much in the same amount of hours I have in a day."

"I know you think sometimes that you're dropping the ball, but you are amazing — don't ever question that."

"You are an amazing mother, wife, sister, daughter, and I aspire to be just like you."

"You do such a great job, and I'm so glad that you're back on our team."

After the flood of compliments, O'Dowd reflected on her own successes: "I guess I'm doing a better job than I thought. You beat yourself up about not being the employee you were before, you beat yourself up about not being the mom you thought you could be . . . but apparently you are."

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