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Child's Earring Gets Embedded in Ear

The 1 Thing You Never Thought Could Happen to Your Child's Earring

It's not unusual to see little kids getting their ears pierced for the first time. Although most parents will feel some nervousness about a needle going into their child's tender earlobes, the whole experience usually ends up being a memorable one.

For one mom, however, the unthinkable happened when her daughter's earring became embedded inside the tiny hole in her earlobe. According to Michelle Moore, the front of her 3-year-old's Hello Kitty earring had fallen off, and when the mom went to take out the earring, she noticed the front flange sunk into the earlobe — leaving only the post and earring back sticking out.

After a nerve-racking few days of seeing if the earring would come out by itself, the mom rushed her daughter to a pediatrician and discovered she needed surgery – a minor incision had to be made to take the earring out. Luckily, Sophia's ears will have a speedy recovery!


This serves as a reminder for future parents to always inspect your child's ears to make sure the front is firmly attached to the post and to always choose quality earrings. Piercings should also only be done with a sterilized needle, not a gun, which can shatter the ear's cartilage.

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