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Chrissy Teigen Buys Luna a Big Girl Bed

Chrissy Teigen Gets Luna Her First Big-Girl Bed, but It's Missing a Few Important Details

As if the Legend-Teigen household wasn't experiencing enough changes to the family structure this week (don't forget they got a hamster just a few days ago), it seems little Luna Stephens isn't so little anymore. In an adorable Instagram video, Chrissy Teigen proudly captures the moment they unveil a brand-new "big-girl bed" to Luna, now 2 years old.

She looks at it, assesses it for all of its worth, and makes some critical upgrades, heading to her collection of dolls, which must have moved, according to the young sleuth. "Why you take these out?" she asks, picking them up and relocating them to her new bed. Her parents can't stop laughing, and neither can we. Congrats on the new bed, Luna!

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