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Chrissy Teigen Video of Miles Singing "Wheels on the Bus"

Miles Basically Sings "Wheels on the Bus" Into a Mic, Because John Legend Taught Him Well

Chrissy Teigen says her Instagram feed is "ALL" her kids lately, and we certainly don't mind. The cookbook author and upcoming POPSUGAR Play/Ground headliner shared a video of Miles "singing" along to "Wheels on the Bus," and we wouldn't expect anything less from John Legend's lookalike son. After all, he is named after Miles Davis. OK, to be fair, the 9-month-old is obviously just serving adorable baby coos, but it's pretty cute to imagine him with a microphone. John captured the moment when he was on "solo daddy duty," and each parent couldn't help but share with the world. Watch the video above, and swoon over more sweet photos of Miles and Luna.

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