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Dad and Daughter's Girl Scout Cookies Song Video

Dad and Daughter's Girl Scout Cookies Song Went So Viral, Donald Glover Bought All Her Thin Mints

Update: Charity and Seymore's Girl Scout cookies-themed song was so darn adorable, it even captured the attention of Donald Glover. When the 34-year-old artist appeared on The Late Show on Feb. 28, he met the daddy-daughter duo in real life and ended up buying the remaining 113 boxes needed for Charity to meet her goal (all Thin Mints, of course). How freakin' sweet is that?!

Original Story: Seymore Harrison Jr. and his daughter Charity came up with the cutest possible way to send their Girl Scout cookie sales through the roof. In a now-viral video Seymore shared on Facebook, the adorable duo sing their own remix to "Redbone" by Childish Gambino, altering the words to sing about Tagalongs and Thin Mints while riding in the car together. Charity begins the rendition by singing to the tune of the popular hit: "Thin Mints, you wanna order some before it's too late. We also got Trefoils, and they taste great. Tagalongs will make you feel fine."

Since Charity's dad shared the video on Facebook, it's garnered millions of views — 2.4 million and counting, to be exact. Plus, it's been flooded with dozens of comments from people who are living for their cookie-themed vocals. "This is TOO CUTE!!!! And, I adore the fact that she committed her lines to memory," someone noted, while another commented, "Definitely one of my top favorite videos of all time!!!"

This is Charity's first year selling Girl Scout cookies, and though her goal of selling 2,500 boxes may seem a bit lofty, she's already more than halfway there thanks to the viral video. If you're interested in indulging in some Samoas while helping this cutie meet her goal, be sure to visit her Girl Scout cookie selling page. Now someone get these two a Grammy, please and thank you.

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