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Dad Puts Blanket Over Head to Support Public Breastfeeding

Dad Eats With Blanket Over Head in Support of Public Breastfeeding

What's so hard about covering your baby when you're breastfeeding?!

It's a question that is asked quite often of women nursing their little ones in public, so one man decided to see for himself if it's really such a big deal to just put a blanket over their heads when they're eating.

Brock Smith, a father in Florida, was out to dinner with his family and decided to put the suggestion to the test by covering his own head with a blanket while enjoying a baked potato, a fountain soda, and an ice cream cone.

"As a dad and a husband, I've had enough of this asinine argument," he wrote in a Facebook post, which included a hilarious video and a handful of sarcastic hashtags, including #breastfeedingisSOsexy, #lactatingnipplesareoffensive, #whatdidEvecoverCaneandAblewith?, #eatingunderablanketiscooliguess, and #shouldprobablyjusttakemymealtothebathroomstall.

We want to give him a standing ovation right now . . . if only he could see it.

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