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Danielle Fishel's Post About Having a Newborn

Danielle Fishel's Post About What Happens After You Bring Home Your Baby Is SO Relatable

Boy Meets World alum Danielle Fishel is officially soaking up all those tender new baby moments now that her son, Adler, is finally home from the NICU after a three-week stay due to fluid in his lungs. In a sweet Instagram post, the 38-year-old first-time mom shared how life with a brand-new little one is certainly a whirlwind.

"The house is a mess, I have a stye on my left eye, I haven't showered in two days, I can't remember when I did anything (when did we change his diaper last? What time did I pump?)," she wrote. "Jensen Karp and I now take baby night shifts where we pass each other like zombies on a mission, and they are some of the best days of my life."

Ah, gotta love those crazy first few days home with your new bundle of joy, right?!

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