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Disneyland Resort Spirit Jersey

Disneyland's Trendy Spirit Jersey Now Comes in This Festive, Vintage Design

Disney has started quite a craze with its fast-selling spirit jerseys. Available at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and even the Disney Cruise Line, the long-sleeved shirts all feature the park's name in big letters on the back or along the side. As a result of its rising popularity, the spirit jersey now also comes in rose gold and Minnie Mouse-inspired polka dots.

The newest iteration reps Disneyland Resort and features an adorable and nostalgic illustration of the park on the front, as well as the resort name in big bold letters on the sleeve. In fact, the design seems to match the recently released Disneyland annual pass holder popcorn bucket.

The Disneyland Resort spirit jersey is, unfortunately, not listed for sale online; however, you can currently find it at the park in the Emporium gift shop on Main Street.

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