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Do You Mix Alcohol With Kids' Birthday Parties?

Should Alcohol Be Served at Kids' Birthday Parties?

I recently overheard an interesting debate between some mom friends on whether it is appropriate to serve alcoholic beverages to adult guests at a young child's birthday party. One side felt pretty strongly that a party is a party and that a good host always provides adult beverages, while the other side was adamant that a kid's birthday party is simply no place for booze.

It's a personal choice. A lot of parents' preferred Disney park is Epcot for one reason and one reason alone: alcohol is served there. Chuck E. Cheese's sells beer. Heck, many moms even have happy hour playdates. So mixing alcohol and kiddos is nothing new — but the fact remains, some folks drink in front of their kids and others don't.

Me personally, I stopped offering the adults alcoholic beverages at my kiddos' celebrations (with adults in attendance) after a few of the dads got a little out of hand at one of my children's parties. And you know what? Some people reeeaaaally think it's lame, but if you're not cool with attending the party knowing there will not be alcohol, then I'm perfectly OK with you not attending at all. Regardless, the whole thing got me to thinking, what's everyone else's opinion on this surprisingly controversial subject?

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