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Does In-N-Out Have Hot Cocoa?

In-N-Out Added Hot Cocoa to the Menu, and It Comes With 1 Sweet Perk

In-N-Out has a famously short menu, but the list of options just got a little longer thanks to the addition of hot cocoa. Debuting the first new menu item in 15 years, In-N-Out has introduced its take on the popular cold-weather beverage, which is made with hot water and chocolate powder from Ghirardelli, in support of the San Francisco-founded chocolate company. It's topped with an optional sprinkling of freeze-dried marshmallows, and it looks like the perfect way to satisfy hot-chocolate cravings when you're on the run. Oh, and we haven't mentioned the best part yet — it's free for kids on rainy days!

When it rains, children 12 years and younger get a free cup of hot cocoa, a customer service representative confirmed to Eater. The hot cocoa is otherwise priced at $1.60, although prices will vary by location. And you don't have to worry about making an In-N-Out trip ASAP just to get a taste; this new item is now a year-round offering at all of its locations. A couple Double-Doubles, an order of Animal Style Fries, and a hot cocoa sounds like the perfect rainy-day treat to us!

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