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Family of 3 in a Tiny House

This 300-Square-Foot Tiny Home Is Perfect For This Family of 3, and We Wish There Was Room For Us!

It seems likes there's plenty of room for three in their kitchen, even with a farmhouse sink!
Image Source: Bela Fishbeyn

After renting a cottage in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bela Fishbeyn and her husband, Spencer, were looking to make a change. When their landlord raised the price on their already-$2,300-per-month rental home, they officially made the switch to tiny-house living. Even with the challenge of having their beautiful 2-year-old daughter Escher in tow, Bela admits she's never looked back.

"Shortly after moving out, we decided to grow our family and we took a fresh look at different strategies for housing," Bela told POPSUGAR. "We wanted a space that was our own, one that we could feel comfortable adding to and customizing. We wanted a home that would inspire us and facilitate good habits."

As a family of travelers, Bela and Spencer knew they wanted to live in a home that was well-made with a ton of character. However, these types of homes can be pricey, so the couple sprung for a 300-foot tiny home with all the bells and whistles.

"It was the perfect way for us to have everything we wanted out of a home at a fraction of the cost."

"We live very nomadically and spend a lot of time every year living in other places," explained Bela. "We wanted to use our house as a vacation rental while we traveled, to share it with other people and as a little side-hustle for us. So we designed the house to offer a unique living experience, something that people could view as a space for personal retreat. All of this added up to a tiny house. It was the perfect way for us to have everything we wanted out of a home at a fraction of the cost."

Scroll through to get a peek at how this family of three makes this uniquely gorgeous — and unbelievably functional — space work for them.

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