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Food Recall Due to Peanuts

Recall Alert! Massive Food Recall as Hundreds of Products Could Be Contaminated With Peanuts

Parents of peanut-allergy sufferers will want to take extra care the next time they head to the grocery store. In what is being called "the most widespread series of allergy-related recalls" in history, hundreds of food products are being pulled due to possible peanut contamination.

The recall, which includes the products listed below, spans everything from spice mixes and breadcrumbs to more than 350,000 pounds of seasoned beef, poultry, and pork products. MorningStar Farms black bean burgers, a popular product among parents, are also included in the recall. The products were distributed through grocery stores from Texas up through the East Coast.

The contamination can be traced back to Adams Flavors, Foods and Ingredients' cumin that was determined to contain undeclared peanut proteins in late 2014. The company issued a voluntary recall of its spice products at the time. But since then, the number of recalls has expanded drastically as manufacturers who used the cumin in their products have been forced to pull their products due to potential contamination.

The following products are included in the recall:

Company Product
Adams Flavors, Foods and Ingredients Spices and seasonings
Adams Flavors, Foods and Ingredients Breadcrumbs
Agri Star Meat & Poultry Beef franks
B&M Inc. Spices and seasonings
Buffalo Provisions Chicken chorizo
Campos Foods Chicken
Con Yeager Spice Company Spice and seasonings
Franklin Farms Veggie burgers
Fresh Food Manufacturing Co. Chili
Garcia Foods Pork sausage
Garden Lites Veggie products
Hausman Foods Beef and pork
HEB Meat Center Pork
Heywood's Meat Haus & Provision Co. Pork shoulder
J&B Sausage Co. Beef and Chicken
J&B Sausage Co. Chicken
Kabob's Acquisition Inc. Beef and Chicken
La Flor Products Co. Ground cumin
MorningStar Farms Black bean burgers
NAC Foods Ground cumin
Sentry Food Solutions Beef and Chicken
Shirk's Meats Pork sausage
Spice N'More Cumin powder
Taj Ethnic Gourmet Spices and seasonings
The Daniel Weaver Company Beef sausage
US Foods Beef fajita strips
Zenobia Ground cumin
Zilk's Foods Hummus products

Families who have the recalled packages in their possession should contact their place of purchase. Parents of children with peanut allergies are being told to be wary of packaged Tex-Mex and Indian foods that are likely to contain cumin.

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