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Hallmark Mother's Day Ad Video 2019

I Don’t Even Have Kids Yet, and Hallmark’s Emotional Mother’s Day Ad Has Me Sobbing

Raising kids is full of both long, never-ending phases and fleeting moments that most parents don't realize are fleeting until it's too late. Hallmark's Mother's Day ad for 2019 is targeting this specific parenting phenomenon — the fact that you won't realize you're experiencing your lasts with your kids until it's too late — and it'll make you choke back a sob.

"There will be a day when you hold them on your hip for the very last time," the ad begins, as it flashes through a mom's phases of parenting. "There will be day when you've made your final bubble beard. A day when you will no longer be greeted like a hero. Or get the privilege of carrying them up to bed in your arms. Nothing can prepare you for these days."

And though the ad is an emotional one that aims to help you cherish moments both big and small, it ends on a happy and promising note. Watch the full ad above, and grab a tissue or two.

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