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Hilarious Moms' Chick-fil-A Parody Video

This Group of Moms' Chick-fil-A Parody of "All About That Bass" Will Crack You Up

Taylor Swift may have her ever-growing girl squad, but nothing quite beats this crew of moms at Chick-fil-A.

Performed by a group of millennial moms who dubbed themselves The Texting Yoga Pants, "I Wanna Go to Chick Fil A" is a hilarious video parody that depicts the struggles of motherhood far too well. From barefoot kids running into a public restroom to husbands complaining about the food chain taking over their joint credit card bills, this video captures it all, and it's sung to the tune of Meghan Trainor's catchy doo-wop, "All About That Bass."

Try not to bust out laughing at the relatable lyrics: "I see you judging me, no makeup on my face, but we can do that here, this is our special place."

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