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Holderness Family Road Trip "Shut Up and Dance" Parody

This Parody Video Perfectly Articulates the Struggles of a Family Road Trip

Having kids in the car for more than a cross-town drive can seem like a nightmare, so try two hours with them constantly whining they have to pee and asking, "Are we there yet?!"

Penn Holderness, his wife, Kim, and their two kids are constantly making us laugh with their challenges, original raps, and unique takes on everyday happenings (like little league games), so this parody of "Shut Up and Dance" — which demonstrates the struggles of a road trip with kids — is no exception.

The video was shot during "the longest two-hour road trip ever," while emotions were running high. The struggle is even more real for Penn as Kim is seemingly asleep, though the family made it clear that Kim shot the video on her iPhone while Penn looked straight ahead the whole time, so no worries, it was all in good, safe fun!

Watch the hilarious parody that "wrote itself" while Penn and the kids begged for an end to the road-trip madness.

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