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Holderness Family Tween Surviving 80s Fashion Makeover Video

LOL, Mom Gives Tween Daughter an 80s Makeover and Says, “Don’t Be Afraid!”

Surviving 80s Fashion

Can kids today survive crimped hair and electric blue mascara? We gave our daughter a 1980s makeover.

Posted by The Holderness Family on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Ahhh, the '80s — what a time to have been alive! The big, hairspray-drenched hair, the electric eye-shadow colors, the neon clothing — it was all . . . a lot; that is, unless you lived it. Kim Holderness is one such mom who lived through being a teen in the '80s, and because her husband and kids say she's obsessed with the decade, it seems about right that she asked her tween daughter Lola if she could give her an '80s fashion and beauty makeover, then proceeded to love every second of it.

In a video titled "Surviving '80s Fashion," Kim presents Lola with a white and neon Vuarnet France tee and a pair of $245 Z. Cavaricci jeans (which Kim says they will be returning, because holy!), and to be honest, Lola looks pretty great at this point. But then Kim pulls out the blue mascara, Aqua Net, and hair crimper, and things go south for the 12-year-old from there. "The amount of hair damage done in the '80s was magnificent," Kim says. "Brings me back." Watch the entire hilarious video above!

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