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How I Organize and Store My Kids' Artwork and Paperwork

I Finally Gained Control Over My Kids' School and Artwork Overflow — Here's How

How I Organize and Store My Kids' Artwork and Paperwork
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Levi Mandel

When you have kids, paper is everywhere. I mean, literally everywhere. From homework to artwork, the inevitably-messy piles are enough to drive a neat freak like me completely insane. And I have four children, so the daily influx of permission slips, reminders, homework, and mini-masterpieces was recently on the verge of overtaking the house. It was basically Marie Kondo's worst nightmare. So, I decided I had to gain control over the paper explosion.

To that end, I employed a three-part strategy, consisting of storage, organization, and artwork display solutions anyone can pull off, maybe without ever leaving the house or spending any money. The result of my efforts is that I'm feeling less overwhelmed, can easily locate a permission slip, and can fully enjoy the adorable creations my little ones are so darn proud of.

Here's how I did it:

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