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How Moms Do It All Without a Car

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Busy moms want to plan less and live more. We've partnered with Uber to share how on-the-go parents use this dependable, time-saving service to get the entire family exactly where they need to be.

I didn't know how much my life would change when I had kids, but now that I've got two girls under 7, it feels like I've added a (crazy, wonderful, intense) full-time job to my already fast-paced days. Like a lot of working moms, I have daily meetings and a demanding schedule that has to be met while I simultaneously find time to make meals, juggle two kids' activities, and try to have some sort of social life — both family and personal. We live in a lively, popular area of Brooklyn, and when my day is packed and I have many things to coordinate, I rely on Uber for commuting since it makes things more effortless and efficient. It's there for me wherever and whenever I want to save time — plus I know the fare up front so there are no surprises. Here are nine situations when I turn to Uber to take me and my family where we need to go.

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