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Jamie Foxx Talks Fatherhood

Jamie Foxx Shares His Secrets to Success, Singing, and Fatherhood

Jamie Foxx Talks Fatherhood
Image Source: EPK TV

He's played an arrogant football star, a vengeful slave, and a criminal who goes by the name Motherf*cker. But Jamie Foxx recently traded in his dramatic leads for a more family-friendly role. In a modern remake of the 1980s blockbuster Annie, the Academy Award winner portrays William Stacks, a surly businessman and mayoral candidate who takes temporary custody of a foster child in hopes of boosting his political standings.

Though playing an impersonal millionaire may have been difficult for Foxx (the man is never dressed without a smile, after all), the two share some similarities. For starters, neither was born into wealth. Both men overcame obstacles and worked diligently to achieve success. They also share the challenge of balancing work with daddy duties. Though Stacks seems to juggle the two with ease, Foxx, a father of two, needed some time to master the balancing act.

I recently joined Foxx in a roundtable discussion about why he took on the iconic role and what it means to be a working dad.

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