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Jana Kramer Explains Why She Stopped Breastfeeding

This Mom Explained Why She Had to Stop Breastfeeding After 1 Month, and Who Are We to Judge?

After welcoming her son Jace into the world a month ago with her husband, Mike Caussin, former One Tree Hill star and country singer Jana Kramer has been enjoying the time she's spent with her bundle of joy. But as much as Jana loves being a mom of two, breastfeeding has always been a serious struggle for her. So much so that she's already stopped breastfeeding Jace after four weeks. Despite being previously shamed for not breastfeeding her daughter, Jolie, Jana opened up to Us Weekly about the challenges she's faced.

"People have questioned if I'm breastfeeding," she said. "If you don't breastfeed, you're shamed. I tried so hard the second time around because I didn't want to get re-shamed . . . I had two of my girlfriends over at my house, right after Jace, trying to get milk out of my boob, and I'm just like, bawling my eyes out and Michael's like, 'Why are you doing this?' And I said, 'Because everybody's telling me what I need to do.'"

She explained that after enlisting physical help from her friends, she knew it was time to stop. "My girlfriends were pressing on my boob trying to get milk out," she said. "So I was like, 'OK. I'm stopping. I'm done.'"

Ever since Jace switched to formula, the newborn months have been going a lot smoother. "I think it alleviates some stress for the relationship in general," Michael said. "As husbands we don't feel as helpless. We're able to take feedings. We're able to do more as opposed to just, 'OK, you've got to feed him again. Should I wake up with you or just keeping sleeping?'"

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