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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids About the Next President Video

Kids Share Who Should Be the Next President, and I'm Not Sure If It's Hilarious or Terrifying

Kids say the darnedest things, right? But what happens when the future of our country actually depends on those things? It's frightening, but it's also slightly hilarious. Jimmy Kimmel recently put the state of our nation in the hands of little kids, asking them who they think should be the next president, and the responses were, uh, jarring. Some kids were on the right track, like the young girl who chose Michelle Obama because "she was a better president than Donald Trump," or the girl who said Oprah, because "she's very inspirational." But let's all just agree to not lower the voting age to 6, OK? Because although I'd love to see our Senate "drippin' in finesse," I'm not quite sure how Bruno Mars would be as Commander in Chief. Check out the hilarious video above, and let's just agree with the kid who said "someone nice."

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