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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Old People to Take Selfies Video

Jimmy Kimmel Challenged Old People to Take Selfies, and It's JUST as Pure as You'd Expect

Kids may say the darnedest things, but I'd argue that elderly people say the darnedest-er things (and yes, I know that isn't proper grammar). Jimmy Kimmel flawlessly proved this fact by challenging a group of senior citizens to take a selfie, and — spoiler alert! — the segment is adorably pure.

The late-night host sent his producers to approach various unsuspecting seniors at a farmer's market and ask them whether they know what a selfie is and how to take one. "I am too busy with my life as it is to add that to it," one woman proudly replied when asked whether she takes photos of herself on her phone. Meanwhile, a man wearing a blue button-down gave the cutest play-by-play of his photo-snapping experience. "OK, I'm now pressing the selfie button. I'm now seeing my ugly face. I'm now taking a picture," he said before neglecting to actually click the on-screen shutter button. Hah!

The MVP of the entire segment had to be the sweet man who excitedly showed off his missing teeth while taking his selfie. When asked whether it was "the great accomplishment" of his life, he let out a hearty chuckle and replied that getting married to his now-late wife actually was. Aww! Watch Jimmy's Senior Selfie Challenge segment above for your daily dose of heartwarming giggles.

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