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Joanna Gaines Gets Sweet Note From Ella Rose

Joanna Gaines Just Got the Most Thoughtful Sticky Note From Her Daughter — It’s a Must Read

As a mom, you sort of expect to get touching gifts or cards from your family on your birthday and Mother's Day, but it's the stuff that happens between those holidays that can really make a lasting impact.

Father of five Chip Gaines shared a heartfelt sticky note that daughter Ella Rose left for her mom, and it's the sweetest thing. "Mom! I love you so much! I hope you have an amazing day! You are such a hard worker! Love you! - Ella"

Looks like Ella stuck it on the wall somewhere where Joanna could spot it. It's such a wonderful gesture, and we particularly like how Ella highlighted how hard her mom works. As if we didn't already love this family enough!

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