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Jonathan Scott Supports March For Our Lives

Jonathan Scott Had the Most Mature Clapback to His Followers Who Think Kids Aren't Entitled to Free Speech

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There's no doubt that Jonathan Scott gives us some serious inspiration in the home-renovation department, but thanks to a recent video he posted to his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts addressing negative comments made by fans on March 25, we're getting inspired in a whole new way. The Property Brothers star addressed the people leaving negative comments on his pages and passed along an important message from his very own mother: "If you don't have something nice to say, keep it to yourself."

In the 2-minute-and-15-second video, Jonathan definitely sets the record straight. He opens by saying that he believes in "protecting our nation's children and supporting their right to free speech," and if people take issue with that then he's "sorry that you feel that right is only for the privileged few."

But he doesn't stop there, he continues to make his point by saying: "I can't think of what could possibly be more important than basic human kindness." And although we aren't 100 percent sure, we have a hunch the video is in response to the hateful comments he got on an Instagram photo he posted showing his support for the March For Our Lives movement on March 24.

Throughout the video, he explains that he's not trying to promote a specific political agenda and that when push comes to shove, his social media pages are meant to be safe places where people come to get inspired.

Scott added, "[I] really encourage you to set aside your biases, your preconceived notions, your frustrations, [and] I encourage you just to come and join the conversation and have an open mind." He ends the video by saying that if people still can't get behind those ideas that they can "frankly piss off" because they're "no longer welcome."

Talk about an epic mic drop.

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