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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on Daughter Walking in on Sex

Oops! Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’s Teen Walked in on Them Having Sex: “You Guys Have No Chill”

On the morning of Father's Day, Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos were engaging in a little intimacy in honor of the holiday, but as it turns out, it was also their daughter Lola's 18th birthday, and though the teen claims she knocked first, she started her birthday on a seriously awkward note. The hilarious parents of three recounted the nightmare scenario on Live With Kelly and Ryan, and honestly, we can't breathe.

"So she opens the door, and we see the door open," they both recall together, Kelly adding that she yelled out, "I'm being resuscitated!" in an attempt to salvage the situation. "She goes, 'Thanks a lot, it's my birthday!'" Mark said. Kelly added the rest of their daughter's reaction, verbatim: "She shuts the door and you hear, 'You just ruined my birthday! And my life! And I used to see in color and now everything is gray!'"

And to add to all of the awkwardness, not only were their other two kids downstairs waiting to have brunch, but Mark's dad and sister were visiting as well. "Everybody's eating, we're like, 'This is delicious,' 'That's delicious,'" Kelly recalls. "And she goes, 'You're disgusting . . . You guys have no chill! You think you're 20, but you're not.'"

But the hilarity doesn't end there — apparently, this isn't the first time one of the Consuelos kids has walked in on their parents having sex . . . yikes! Mark added, "But then at the brunch, the other kids start sharing stories . . . does anybody knock in this house?!"

However, the couple's hoping it won't happen again, and Lola's new protocol for entering their room might ensure that. Kelly said that when Lola wanted to say goodnight later that day, she did a "fireman's knock" to make sure they heard her before she walked in. Hilarious and, hopefully, effective.

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