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Kristen Bell Talking to Kids About Moms Drinking Wine

Kristen Bell Asks Kids If Their Moms Like Wine, and Oooooh, Boy, We Need a Drink

Kristen Bell is one of our all-time favorite moms, so this video is hard to watch. In the latest episode of her web show Momsplaining, the actress turns on her fellow parents and asks kids a bunch of personal questions ("Do you know where babies come from? Their bellies? But how did it get in the belly?" . . .) while their moms anxiously watch behind a two-way mirror.

And if the subject of "the birds and the bees" wasn't enough, she dared to ask these unfiltered kiddos about their moms' wine intake.

Watch what they have to say (it's no doubt what your own kid is thinking!) and stick around until the end, when Kristen reveals the first time her daughter said "f*ck."

Proud parent alert!

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