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Man's Twitter Thread Shows Power of Kind Words

This Man's Powerful Twitter Thread Shows Just How Far a Stranger's Kind Words Can Go

Ed Solomon, a writer and producer, shared a series of tweets that stopped internet users in their tracks. This week, he described just how much of a difference saying a few kind words to a stranger can make using a hard-hitting example of emotional abuse between a mother and daughter. The story he'd heard just a few days prior made him think about how impactful being nice to others can be, and frankly, it's definitely worth reflecting on.

As you can imagine, the Twitter thread has gone completely viral, amassing 2,800 retweets and more than 6,600 favorites. After realizing how much popularity his original thread garnered, Ed followed up with a gentle reminder about how important everyday interactions with strangers can be:

So the next time you're caught in the middle of a situation where you can make a difference, speak up. Sometimes a few kind words from a stranger can make a difference in even the grand scheme of life, whether the person who said them remembers them years after or not.

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