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New Moms: Just Say No to Frequent Visitors Right After Birth
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Marie Kondo Folding Onesies and Baby Clothes

The Marie Kondo Folding Method Works on Baby Clothes, Too — Here’s Proof!

If you've been carefully folding shirts and pants for weeks now, you're not alone — ever since Marie Kondo's Tidying Up premiered on Netflix, people have been reassessing their belongings and making some tough and important decisions. One room that might be stumping some families, however, is the nursery. Perhaps because they're typically filled to the brim with toys, supplies, and clothing, but also because there's usually just not a ton of places to store it all. This YouTube video created by Along With the Youngs (a KonMari consultant) will walk you through, step-by-step, how to fold sleepers, footed PJs, onesies, and even small pants the KonMari way. So open up those drawers, pull out all of the baby clothing, and get ready to spark some joy.

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