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If You Don’t Sob Through this Marine Meeting His Newborn Son, You Are Made of Stone

There's no question that Marines are some of the toughest humans on the planet, so when one of them openly weeps? Well, it tends to bring out the waterworks in everyone watching.

When Cpl. Brandon Crespo returned home from a six-month deployment, he was greeted by friends and family and one very special person — his 1-month-old son, Noah, whom he had yet to meet until that very moment.

As soon as the Marines were dismissed at the base in Jacksonville, NC, a video shows Brandon running toward his wife, Frances, who was holding baby Noah along with a sign that read, "Out of My Way! I Meet My Daddy Today!" Before Brandon could even scoop up his child, he dropped his hat and started wiping the tears from his eyes. He couldn't stop crying as he held his baby for the very first time. (Go ahead, grab some tissues.)

It was a truly beautiful moment — one that Brandon and Noah will get to treasure forever.

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