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Are Marshmallows Safe For Kids?

Did You Know This 1 Food Item Is a Huge Choking Hazard?

Niamh Reid knew that watching every single thing her 17-month-old toddler, Doireann, put in her mouth was one of those parenting rites of passage. So when her daughter decided to nibble some marshmallows, she didn't think too much of it — until she started choking. She shared her experience in a Facebook post to alert other parents.

"Last weekend we had the utterly terrifying experience of watching our baby girl lose consciousness while choking on a marshmallow. We were extremely lucky that the right people were on hand and have no doubt that their quick actions saved Doireann's life," she wrote. "I have promised myself that I will make others aware that marshmallows and children do not mix. Sometimes I like to think I know everything, but I did not know this!"

And the scariest part of all? The choking incident wasn't something that could be fixed by the Heimlich maneuver.

"The melting marshmallow begins to seep down the throat, expanding and blocking the airway making it impossible to dislodge," she explained. "Even if the marshmallow does not begin to melt, it is a very airy sweet, which is easily sucked down the airway if talking or laughing while it is in the mouth."

After watching her little one go through something so traumatic, she urged other parents to keep marshmallows away from their little kids. "Please, please [throw out] any mallows you might have at home and spread the word to make everyone aware."

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