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Midwife Delivers Own Baby Via C-Section

1 Midwife "Pulled the Baby Out Herself" During Her C-Section, and the Photos Are Seriously Jaw-Dropping

Midwife Delivers Own Baby Via C-Section

Emily Dial, a midwife from Kentucky, went into her scheduled C-section with a game plan: to help deliver her own baby. The mom was eager to have her second child, whose sex was unknown, at Frankfort Regional Medical Center, the very same hospital she worked at. And thankfully, her friend and birth photographer, Sarah Hill, was able to capture every single emotional second of the feat. Sarah shared the now-viral photos to her Facebook page, and honestly, they're beautiful.

"This was by far one of the most incredible days of my life. My amazing midwife, Emily Dial, not only had a C-Section today but SHE PULLED THE BABY OUT HERSELF! It was unreal," wrote Sarah. "To say that she is amazing is an understatement. She was meant to bring babies into this world and didn't let a little thing like a C-section stop her from delivering her own!"

The proud new mom told POPSUGAR that although she's a professional when it comes to bringing little ones into the world, she still went into her C-section with a clear plan: "I did have the intention going in to deliver her. My doctor and I had run through the plan a couple times prior to make sure we were on the same page. I regularly assist C-sections here, so I was scrubbing in as if I were about to assist a regular case."

The experience was equally as rewarding for Sarah, who had never shot a live birth before. "It was incredible to be able to capture that moment through the lens! She delivered my son, and to be there with her in that moment as she met her daughter was amazing."

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