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Mindy Kaling Opens Up About Motherhood

Mindy Kaling Had the Most Relatable Thought Ever When It Comes to Raising a Newborn

Mindy Kaling, one of the stars of A Wrinkle in Time and cocreater of a new show on NBC called Champions, met with Hoda Kotb on the Today Show to talk about what life's like now that she has 3-month-old daughter, Katherine Kaling, on her hands.

"She's so great . . . and I just love being a mom. You know how it feels," she said to Hoda. "It's just incredible."

She joked that despite spending a lot of time with Katherine, she's yet to receive any major feedback in terms of her skills as a mama. "Zero feedback except for crying for the longest time. And then you start wondering, 'Does she care about me? Know about me? Besides that I'm a food source for her?'"

It seems like Katherine has gotten her mom's sense of humor — which any fan is sure to appreciate. "She started laughing recently! She's incredibly easy to make laugh. It's very nice, actually, verses my real job where it takes so much effort to make these shows and everything. And I sing [songs] from The Sound of Music for her and she's cracking up. It's the best!"

Obviously, being a fist-time mom comes with a lot of changes and Mindy admits she's no exception:

"She bleeds over into all parts of my life. I don't know if you do this," said the 38-year-old writer, actress, and producer, "[but sometimes I find myself] staring at [my] phone at a photo of her in a meeting. I'm just like looking lovingly at a photo and everyone's like 'what are you doing?' I don't know, it's a great feeling."

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