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Mom Breastfeeding Her Son at a Wedding

This Mom Gave "No Sh*ts" and Fed Her Baby in the Middle of a Wedding

"When you are at a wedding, [wearing] fancy dresses and high heels . . . and your baby gets hungry, well . . . you give no sh*ts and feed the kid," started Naomi Jael in a caption to a photo she posted on Instagram of herself breastfeeding her son at a wedding. "Here in Germany people don't get mad about it. It is NORMAL."

Jael's photo is going viral on Instagram for good reason β€” others are sharing it because of her empowering, "no sh*ts" spirit (despite the haters that have appeared in the comments section). Jael put it best herself: "God gave me boobs for feeding my babies." Read the rest of her awesome post above.

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