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Mom Has 2 Babies in 10 Months After 6 Years of Trying

Woman Who Was Ready to Give Up on Having Kids Has 2 Babies in 10 Months

Kimberley Smylie and her partner, Jason, had been trying to get pregnant naturally and through several IVF attempts since they got married — six years, with no luck. About ready to give up on having children, a last cycle of IVF gave the couple what they'd wanted so desperately: Kimberley was pregnant with her first child, Jack.

"At that point we thought we'll give it one last try," Kimberley, blogger at The Modern Mummy Lifestyle, told Daily Mail Australia. "It was amazing especially since we had essentially given up on having children." Jack made his entrance on Jan. 16, 2016, and though he was born premature at 35 weeks, Kimberley and Jason were overjoyed.

After Jack's birth, a midwife informed the couple that conceiving naturally is sometimes possible after an IVF pregnancy, but because they hadn't been able to conceive naturally before, they weren't exactly worried about being too careful with contraception. Four months after Jack's arrival, Kimberley and Jason were shocked to find out that they were expecting another baby boy around Jack's first birthday.


Their second son, Sam, was also born premature after Kimberley had a three-week hospital stay following leakage at 29 weeks, making the age gap between the two boys just 10 months. "There was supposed to be a year but there's only 10 months between them," Kimberley said. She added on her Facebook page, "Life certainly can surprise you!"

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