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Mom's Massage For Sinus Relief

Mom Shares Hack For Relieving Your Child's Sinus Pain — and It Works For Adults, Too!

As the temperature starts to drop, colds are inevitable. No amount of humidifiers or doses of Vitamin C could prevent the wrath of chilly days on our bodies and especially on our children. In an effort to assuage the congestion brought on by a cold, one mom is sharing her tip for relieving sinus pain, and it's so soothing. Sia Cooper is a certified personal trainer and mother of two adorable children, but had to act as Dr. Mom when her teething daughter's cold got bad, so she gave her a little facial and sinus massage to get the mucus draining.

It's a switch-up from her usual workout posts, but this mom is serious about getting her message out: this can really help your kids! Sia's daughter was having trouble breathing during dinner, so she rubbed her face and pressure points and instantly relieved the pain.

"If you're not a fan of medication, you can try acupressure and massage to the sinus cavities," Sia wrote alongside the video above. "Simply apply direct pressure with your fingertips and gently rub to get that drainage flowing. Also helps to temporarily relieve a little pressure so your little ones can feel better! Also works good for adults, too."


Parents will do anything to help their children feel better, so if that means mushing those squishy cheeks and rubbing the temples, that's exactly what they'll do.

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