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Mom's Photos Show How Birth Changed Her Body Image

With Just 2 Photos Taken 10 Years Apart, Mom Reveals How Her Body Image Has Changed

If we all took a peek at a photo of ourselves from 10 years ago, we'd certainly see that a lot has changed. Lindsay Wolf took to Instagram to show the transformation she's seen over the past decade.

The California mom posted side-by-side photos, one of herself at 23 years old and another, more recent shot of herself at age 33.

A decade ago, Lindsay wrote, she was "self-conscious, critical of her physical shape, and always either on a diet or rebelling from one." At the time, she admitted, she actually thought she was "chubby" and only "saw flaws" when she looked in the mirror.

"She acted happy, but there was definitely a restlessness, because she was worried about what would happen if she physically became anything other than what she was, which was not good enough for her anyway," she wrote of that youthful image.

The second photo, however, showed a woman who has a 19-month-old daughter and, for the first time in her life, wasn't determined to slim down after giving birth. It was a true turning point for her body image, and now she wrote that she "is learning to love her body without pressuring it to be anything other than what it is."

Instead of looking at those flaws, she wrote that she's "trying out self-love and body positivity for a change" and working to understand why, at 23, she hated her body so much.

"In the process," she concluded, "she is healing a lifelong struggle of never fully seeing herself for the extraordinary human being she is."

May we all look back on those old photos of ourselves, and instead of remarking at how much we despised our shape then — or how much we wish we had it now — we realize how amazing our baby-making body is now.

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