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Mom's Reaction to Naming Baby Khaleesi After Game of Thrones

After Game of Thrones's Plot Twist, 1 Mom Reveals How She Feels Naming Daughter "Khaleesi"

Warning: spoilers for the latest episode of Game of Thrones ahead!

After watching Sunday night's penultimate episode of the final season of Game of Thrones, many fans were left annoyed and downright angered over the major turning point for one of the show's most beloved characters, Daenerys Targaryen, who up and torched an entire city of innocent men, women, and children.

Of those fans who have a particularly serious reason to be frustrated? Parents who named their children in honor of the Mother of Dragons.

According to the United States Social Security Administration, since the rise of the book series and HBO show, 630 babies have been named Khaleesi — a fictional Dothraki term for "queen" — in 2017 alone, and more than 160 have been named Daenerys.

But, for those moms and dads concerned over the implications of their child's namesake committing such a horrible — albeit not at all real — act, Katherine Acosta has a surprisingly upbeat outlook.

"A lot of people's opinions about her changed, but not to me. I rooted for her then and still do now."

When she gave birth just over a year ago, Katherine chose to name her daughter Khaleesi, and even after "The Bells" aired, she has no regrets.

"After Sunday's episode, A lot of people's opinions about her changed, but not to me," she told POPSUGAR. "Daenerys is my favorite character since Day 1 . . . I rooted for her then and still do now."

Katherine wasn't even shocked by the turn of events, she said. "At that point, she had lost everything. She did what she had to do through fire and blood."

In fact, she explained that the name choice wasn't solely to do with her own fandom but because of what it symbolized during an otherwise traumatic time.

"We suffered a miscarriage and another loss when I was pregnant with twins and lost one in the womb," Katherine told us. "Khaleesi was our miracle baby. Like Daenerys, she defeated all odds being born two months early."

She joked: "She may not have an Iron Throne to fight for, but if she sees cheese puffs, she'll do whatever to get them. She's the queen of the house. It was meant to be."

So, to all the parents of Khaleesis and Daeneryses out there: fear not. And just put it into perspective: you could have named your kid Cersei (which is actually quite pretty) or, ya' know, Dickon.

Image Sources: HBO and Katherine Acosta
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