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Mom's Response to Stranger in Walmart Who Feels Bad For Her

Mom Claps Back to Stranger in Walmart Who Feels Sorry For Her "Having Her Hands Full"

Walking through Walmart with her three kids in tow, Courtney Lester came upon a total stranger who told her, "I feel sorry for you, you have your hands full with all those kids." Aside from the fact that the mom, pictured above, actually had her hands completely free at the time thanks to the baby carrier she was sporting, Courtney had more important points to make on the topic of "having her hands full" and the fact that this man felt sorry for her because of it.

"What you can't tell is that I lost two babies before being blessed with my last two, so if you want to feel sorry for me, there's the only reason why you should," she wrote in a post to Facebook. "My children are blessings. They aren't perfectly modeled citizens because, well, they're children. Sometimes they're loud, sometimes they misbehave, and sometimes they have complete meltdowns. However, you didn't even see that side of them. What you saw was a young couple with a 4-year-old singing a song, a 2-year-old sitting quietly in the buggy, and a newborn sleeping in his baby carrier. If that is your definition of having your hands full, I feel sorry for YOU."

The mom continued, opening up to admit there's truth in the fact that she's busy and always kept on her toes by her three little ones but that she's never viewed her children "as an inconvenience or a reason for someone to feel sorry for me," as this man suggested. She wrote:


Even on days when they won't listen, have meltdowns, and when it seems like nothing I do is good enough, I have never felt sorry for myself and I don't expect others to either. If having three kids automatically makes my hands full, so be it. But please, never feel sorry for me because my heart is more full than my hands could ever be.

Image Source: Courtney Lester
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