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Mom Shaves Son's Hair as Punishment

Mom Shaves 10-Year-Old Son's Head and Makes Him Wear a Tutu in Public as Punishment

How far is too far when it comes to disciplining your misbehaving child? A South Carolina mother is reportedly under investigation by social services for her punishment methods after she shaved her 10-year-old son's head and dressed him up in women's clothing before taking him to a local Walmart.

According to the police, the boy was wearing women's boots, a woman's undergarment, and a t-shirt with permanent-marker writings. To make the whole situation even more bizarre, officials noted the boy's head was shaved "in an unusual manner, bald on top with a patch of wig on the front of his head." The mother had also written the word "BAD" in black marker on her son's head.

The mom defended her actions to the police and said she did all this as punishment for her son fighting and "making homophobic remarks in school." She added that the boy had behavioral issues and that she wanted to "embarrass" him in public. Although police officers said they are not charging the mother, the case has been brought to the Department of Social Service's attention.

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