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Mom Who Gave Birth During Hurricane Irma

This Mom Delivered Her Own Baby During Hurricane Irma — and the Name She Chose Is Perfect

A Miami woman had to act fast when she went into labor in the middle of Hurricane Irma. The expectant mother started to feel contractions, but there was one problem: no one was able to help her.

The mother was forced to deliver the baby on their own while the Category 3 storm wreaked havoc along the coast of Florida with winds that ripped through the city at up to 125 mph.

Although the conditions were too dangerous for medical personnel to travel and reach the new mom at first, paramedics helped her safely deliver her baby by offering direction over the phone. Several paramedics, a dispatcher, and a doctor walked her through childbirth, including delivering the placenta and cutting the umbilical cord.

"We weren't able to respond. So she delivered the placenta, also. Dispatch told her how to tie it off. She's stable at home," Assistant Fire Chief Eloy Garcia said in an interview with The Miami Herald. "We made contact with the assistant medical director here. Talked things through."

But the best part of this story is the name the mother chose for her new bundle of joy. The first-time mother went with Nayiri Storm in honor of her unforgettable birth story.

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