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Moms According to Chinese Zodiac Signs

Tell Us Your Chinese Zodiac Sign and We'll Tell You What Type of Mom You Are

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There's no scientific way to know what type of mom you are, but you can't blame us if we try to have some fun. Your Chinese zodiac sign, based on the year you were born and not the month, could point out your standout parenting traits, offering some insight into what type of mom you are.

Find out which of 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac represents your birth year, then read on to see how you rank as a mom, according to Laurent Langlais, a specialist in Bazi (life coaching based on Chinese zodiac) and feng shui.

  1. Goat: This mom oozes love and offers total support. "The goat, also known as the sheep or ram, has motherly love written all over her. A goat mom is caring and protective and can also display great playfulness when it comes to occupying her kids," Langlais said. She seeks to create good vibes at home for all, partner and pets included. "A goat mother is always supportive but knows when to say no to her children, as well."
  2. Dog: Exuding loyalty, the dog mom knows when to put her kids first. "And she usually loves to cook! There is something a bit old-fashioned and very traditional in her parenting, but that offers great stability to her kids," the expert said.
  3. Tiger: The tiger mom is very energetic and motivated and totally knows how to juggle both career and family. "It is actually very stimulating for the tiger mom to succeed both at home and at work," Langlais said. "She takes great pride in the achievements of her kids and pushes them to always do better." But she can get angry and show impatience.
  4. Ox: The ox is probably the most patient mom of all. You can think of her as the one staying up late to rewarm dinner for her son or the one watching over a sick child for days at a time. "She can sometimes be perceived as a bit cold to others, but have no doubt, she is always there for her children," Langlais said.
  5. Snake: "She is very smart and attentive to all aspects of education, including school and good manners. She is always up to date with her kids' health and scholarly results," Langlais explained. She really knows how to handle all her kids' plans and maintains a good balance in everyone's schedule within the family. "She also has enough warmth to show love to her kids and reassure them when needed. The only drawback is that she is sometimes a bit too rational and a control freak — she needs to leave more room for imagination."
  6. Monkey: Monkey moms have a good mix of playfulness and seriousness. "The monkey mother has peculiar views on education. She sees childhood as a golden time that must be enjoyed and protected above all," Langlais said. "She does what it takes for her kids to have a happy time, value their friendships and social lives. She loves to teach them unusual things and is often the mom that other kids find funny and great to be around."

Image Source: Pexels / Pixabay

  1. Rabbit: The rabbit's imagination can get wild. She is thrilled to read stories to children at bedtime and actually enjoys them as much as they do. "She is a story-maker who loves nothing more than seeing her kids dream," Langlais said. "She understands how nature is important for kids and is always ready to take them to the park. Sometimes, she doesn't put much limitation on what they can and cannot do, and as a result her kids can sometimes become a bit of a handful."
  2. Dragon: It'll come as no surprise that dragon moms can be, well, fierce and protective. When it comes to being there for her family and especially her kids, she's front and center. "The dragon doesn't like chores and routine and as a result can sometimes get tired of parenting 24/7. If the mother dragon is well-assisted, then she can rock," he said.
  3. Horse: This sign has tons of energy, which is why she enjoys sports and wants her kids to be in a competitive mindset. "She is a great motivator and always ready to take her kids on an adventure," Langlais said. "She is a bit too fiery and spontaneous. Parenting is sometimes about planning ahead, and she prefers to improvise."
  4. Pig: This mom loves to stimulate her kids' imaginations, and she has plenty of love for them. "She rejoices endlessly when her kids learn to talk and later loves to help with their homework, but she can also worry a bit too much," the expert said. "She is the champion of 'what if' and is often not relaxed enough for her children to have their own space."
  5. Rat: The rat is by no means a bad mom, as she's actually very affectionate and wants to always touch her kids and be there for them. "She is a super cuddler, and most kids love this about her. But the rat can easily get scared or depressed and always imagines the worst," Langlais said. Combine this with a need to be very close to her kids all the time, and she can be too much at times. "The best advice for her is to accept that all children are one day meant to leave home and explore the world on their own."
  6. Rooster: This mom is great at respecting the rules, which means she'll be there at all parent-teacher conferences and always makes sure her kids are doing their homework and on time. "But she can be a bit too self-absorbed and sometimes prioritize her needs before her family's," the expert said.
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