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Mom Personality Quiz

What Kind of Mom Are You?

Moms may be the world's toughest critics — especially on themselves. Whether it's a result of judgmental peers or our own mom guilt, we tend to think of ourselves as the world's worst parent. It's gotten to the point where the smallest mistake makes us question whether we should even be moms. If you're worried about whether or not you're doing motherhood right, this quick quiz should ease your fears.

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What do you like to do with your kids?

Go to the park.
Bake some cookies.
Make some crafts.
Play a board game.
Read a book (or two).
Watch a Disney movie.

Pick a color.

Where does your family vacation?

At the beach.
In the mountains.
On a cruise.
At an amusement park.
In the woods.
At home.

A typical family dinner is . . .

You comfort your children by . . .

Hugging them.
Offering something sweet.
Listening to them vent.
Letting them cry on your shoulder.
Throwing an impromptu dance party.
Telling them it will all be OK.

How do you treat yourself?

At events, you're the mom . . .

Cheering on the sidelines.
Snapping photos.
Waving in the crowd.
Sitting and smiling.
Holding back tears.
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