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Morning Routine of Mom With 6-Month-Old Baby

One Breastfeeding Mom's Morning Routine to Get Out the Door and Get to Work

Karissa lives in the East Bay of San Francisco with her 6-month-old daughter and her husband. After nursing her baby and prepping her breast pump, she commutes to the city via Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) to start her workday. Here is what a typical morning looks likes for her.

My Morning Juggle

3:48 a.m.
Half asleep, I make my way to my daughter’s nursery. She usually wakes up anywhere from 3 to 4 a.m. to eat. I change her diaper and nurse her for about 20 minutes.
4:20 a.m.
She’s still awake, but I put her back in her crib in hopes that she falls back asleep . . . I need any extra sleep I can get before the day officially starts. Thankfully, she puts herself back to sleep, and I get back into bed for the next hour or so.
5:15 a.m.
My first alarm goes off, and I hit the snooze button (which drives my husband crazy).
5:30 a.m.
My second alarm goes off; I hit snooze again, but this time I actually roll out of bed 10 minutes later.
5:40 a.m.
First things first: coffee! As I’m slowly waking up, I grab the breast milk that I pumped yesterday out of the fridge and prep the bottles so they are ready to go when my husband leaves the house to do the whole daycare drop-off thing. I grab all the parts of pump and pack them up so they are ready to go when I’m running out the door. I sterilize everything the night before so it’s an easy grab-and-go in the morning.
5:55 a.m.
My husband is just waking up and heads to the gym while I start to get dressed. Baby girl is still sleeping so I have enough time to put on some eyeliner and bronzer and curl my hair. Thankfully, I had enough energy to wash it last night.
6:25 a.m.
Head back into my daughter's room and grab her for one last feeding before I head to work for the day. I’m lucky if she’s still half asleep, that way I can get her to actually eat. Otherwise, she just wants to play! She nurses for about 10 minutes and is now fully awake and smiling at me. She’s ready to play and wants to be put down. She recently started crawling and wants to explore any and every chance she gets. I change her diaper (no blowouts or accidents on the changing table today — thank God) and pull out an outfit for her to wear to day care.
6:55 a.m.
My husband gets home from the gym and takes a quick shower. I put our girl back in her crib with a few toys to play with while daddy gets ready and give her a big kiss goodbye. She gives me a huge smile. I run back into the bedroom to put my shirt on so I’m now fully dressed.
7:03 a.m.
Grab the ice pack out of the freezer and place it in my cooler for the milk I’ll be pumping later. I run out the door, triple checking that I didn’t forget to prep anything for my daughter or forget any pump parts. There's a lot of parts! I head out the door to start my commute.
7:18 a.m.
I arrive at the train station and quickly park hoping I can get a good spot at the front of the line so I don’t miss out on any open seats.
7:28 a.m.
The train finally arrives. I'm able to snatch a seat and log onto my computer to start my workday during my commute.
8:15 a.m.
I arrive in the city and make my way to the office.
8:20 a.m.
Finally make it to work and relax a little knowing I made it through another morning. I make myself a piece of avocado toast, which has become my morning staple, and assess my morning agenda. I can breathe a little now until I need to pump in 30 minutes!
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Karissa Cox
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