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Movie Mom Quiz

Which Movie Mom Are You?

We love movies that feature a strong female lead — especially if she happens to be a mom. Not only do those characters pay tribute to women who play the real-life role of mom (albeit for way more money), but they also give us someone to relate to. From authority figures to free spirits, there is a movie match for every mom out there. Take our quick quiz to see which big-screen star best matches your personality.

Source: Alcon Entertainment, Disney, Universal Pictures

Pick a color:

When your child has a bad day you . . .

Take them for a walk to clear their head.
Cook up some comfort food.
Put on some music and dance the sadness away.
Try to solve their problem.
Let them cry on your shoulder.
Tell them that there's always tomorrow.

Your magazine of choice is . . .

Your preferred form of discipline is . . .

An old-fashioned spanking.
A weeklong grounding.
A technology shutdown.
A long list of chores.
A stern lecture.
I don't discipline.

People describe you as . . .

Shy, but sweet.
The life of the party.
Firm, but fair.
An overachiever.
A bit of a worrier.

Who's your favorite Disney princess?

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